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About Google Caffeine Update, House List Strategies, The Value of a New Lead! All this and more…


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00:40 Podcamp Boston 4 Wrap Up, and Chris getting incendiary again.

02:04 The Google Caffeine update (News Story) or go play in the Google Sandbox yourself.

04:38 John Romeo won a Videographer Award of
Excellence and asks about the what’s up with the music industry. Interesting parallel to rise of downloading video games.

09:41 Mailing for Matthew Ebel concert with WBUR – Timing the drop, growing the house list, advanced email extractor

15:22 Michael asks about how to hit a new list. What are these names worth to you! Segmentation and social networks are your friend.

20:30 The first ever MOC email newsletter drops!

22:22 2009 Digital Readiness Report from iPressroom – this stuff is mainstream – 40% looking to hire digital specialists.

23:30 @cspenn shout outs to the MOC portrait at the Hubspot Beer Shrine, and to @SarahPrevette the MOC fan of the week!

20:18 Last week Question of The Week: What are you doing for local marketing? This is stuff that can be shared! Also – Know anyone that can do Lucite Awards? The 24th Marketing Over Coffee Awards are coming in Q4. We dropped the ball on that…

25:02 Question of the Week: Send in your best marketing videos for the MOC YouTube Film Festival (link in comments please)

25:52 Upcoming Event Watch: Web 2.Open is coming! MarketingProfs Chicago, BlogWorld / New Media Expo, ScentWorld – Vegas in Nov., LeadsCon NYC – August 17-18, conference discussing online lead gen.

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