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00:31 Rand Fishkin’s SEOmoz Article on the Perfectly Optimized Web Page

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05:53 We will be on FIR this weekend

06:23 RobinBrowne asks about the Semantic Web. Will the web become Flat? One one side Rubel and Owyang, iPressroom study on the other.

11:47 Saul Colt doesn’t want to be called a Marketer – the smaller the company, the more it becomes an Art.

16:16 David asks about networking to find a job

20:33 Ed asks about the value of writing an e-book and publishing it on Amazon.

22:30 Last week Question of The Week: Best Marketing Videos – History of a Sign, Bobby Denning

22:45 Question of the Week: Send us your networking tips!

25:52 Upcoming Event Watch: Web 2.Open is coming! MarketingProfs Chicago, BlogWorld / New Media Expo, ScentWorld – Vegas in Nov., Podcamp Philly, Evocation with An-shu Stephen K. Hayes

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