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About B2B vs. B2C, Teaching Marketing, and Win a Copy of Six Pixels of Separation! All this and more…

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Show length 29:45

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00:40 Win a copy of Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation

02:18 Igor makes a loan payment on the Marketing Over Coffee Mobile! and TJ Kirchner asks about Google analytics seminars (Get Avinash’s book)

05:20 John Blue reports in with MarketingProfs report on B2B – Website and Email still king of the hill and Marketing Profs:The State of Social Media executive

summary. John’s Twitter gets hacked

11:20 Matt asks about the differences in inbound marketing for B2B vs B2C. How malleable is human behavior? and “Human Technologies”

16:00 Adam asks about a CMS to manage his website

17:11 Andy teaches Undergrad and Grad Marketing and asks: What would our 8 Week Marketing Course Look like?

23:20 Previous Questions of the Week: What one thing about marketing is extremely important that you did not learn at school? And – Are you an educator? What do most marketers get wrong?

23:40 Question of the Week: What are the not-so-obvious skills you use in Marketing that should be taught? Best answer gets a copy of Six Pixels of Separation!

24:36 Upocoming Event Watch: Blogtoberfest tonight, John has tix! Web 2.Open is coming -only 170 tickets (offered to the mail list first)! Podcamp New Hampshire, Dreamforce, Chris wrap of up Stephen K. Hayes workshop.

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