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An Interview with Steven Woods, Eloqua Founder, CTO and Author of Digital Body Language

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Show length 31:43

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01:48 New Marketing by nature disintermediates the sales force

04:10 Switching from outbound campaigns to Awarness, Discovery, Validation and Post-Sale

07:00 When content is relevant by the buyer’s stage

09:50 Marketing is the only department with the depth and breadth of tools and knowledge to track leads and prospects – The 3 levels of monitoring. Dashboards!

14:29 Why you shouldn’t allow Cherry Picking

17:15 Reverse engineering the sales cycle to build your lead scoring criteria is a mistake – fit vs. engagement

20:13 The Lead Source Paradox

22:20 Why the sales and marketing functions should not be separated – who is the Chief Revenue Officer?

25:00 On social media as part of the validation process

26:36 Why qualified leads are more important for Marketing measurement than closed deals.

29:30 Setting up a Marketing Automation System is changing your process, not just picking a technology and checking it off the list

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