In this Marketing Over Coffee learn :

About Adaptive Email, Why We Buy, Ethics and Microsites! All this and more…

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00:48 Jeff sends us an AdWeek article on Marketing/IT Communication and wisely notes the horrible URL structure. A new Marketing Over Coffee Blog template coming soon.

02:40 The 12 Days of Marketing Over Coffee are upon us! Jay from The Marketing Spot Blog says he’s in.

04:42 Terri said she’d cover Podcamp Pittsburgh for us, Shout out to Dan York.

05:03 Michael from HP replies to the “Intelligent Email” comment from the last show – what is Adaptative Email?

09:10 Todd asks about getting voicemail delivered as an mp3. Google Voice vs. K7. You can leave a message on the Marketing Over Coffee Line at 617-606-3661

10:33 Paco Underhill’s Why We Buy, remember that Marketing Over Coffee is always trying to get money out of you.

13:02 Andy calls breach of ethics on using focus groups for lead gen.

14:57 Brett asks about Microsites and when to use them

18:53 Thanks for the iTunes reviews, Femi asks about how to Nominate for the Marketing Over Coffee Awards, just leave a comment here.

20:44 Upocoming Event Watch: Not much, things are slow for the holidays, enjoy yours!

22:51 Question of the Week: Are you in for the 12 Days of Marketing Over Coffee? If yes, leave a comment here.

24:20 Bonus Track – Matthew Ebel’s Away in a Manger

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