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With the holidays upon us we’ve decided to send out this week’s show a day early so you can take it on your travels. This week, a special interview with Ron Ploof, Author of Read this First

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Show length 32:22

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00:49 What is Read this First?

05:50 Dealing with Change in the Organization

07:40 The action items – what to do to adopt these new communications tools

09:30 Using storytelling to educate

11:00 Check the blog at, using a book to shorten the sales cycle

13:20 Managing social media from both the client and agency sides

18:00 Embedded Journalists

20:35 Working as a Social Media Evangelist – How to start a Blog program at a large corporation.

24:11 Using video in social media

27:30 Original Research on Scott Monty managing a PR crisis via Twitter

31:00 Leave a comment to tell us why you deserve one of the 5 copies we are giving away.

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