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About Google Adwords PPC Lead Forms, How the Brain Sees Webpages, and Twitter Tools! All this and more…

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00:30 Should you use frames? Check out iFrames

03:30 Google Adwords PPC lead forms in ads is hot. So is Google Public DNS

06:22 #the5

08:15 How our brains interact with online ads

09:52 Dave asks about tracking opens on PDFs

12:58 Jeff sends over news of TwitSweeper, Jeff from Perkett PR asks about Twitter Tools,, Friend or Follow, TweetDeck, Mutuality, TwitterBatcher

17:47 Chris Christensen sends in his review of the Google Phone, correction from last week – Marketing Science not Marketing Experiments

18:50 Marketing Over Coffee Award Nominees, and the one rejected application – John Blue Nominates AOL

Framingham Co-operative Bank

Your Booth is Dead and So is Your Sponsorship

Blogs and Podcasts:

Power to the Small Business by Jay Ehret

The BeanCast by Bob Knorpp

Gray Matter Minute

Musician Matthew Ebel

A charity building schools in Cambodia

Manic Mommies Escape! brought over 160 women to Napa Valley.


If you love sports and are interested in the athletes themselves, MVTweet


Visible Logic – for Best Marketing Web Site for a Graphic Design Studio.

The YES Prep Public Schools

Argentinian Wine

Automate Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System (Amver)

A platform that helps companies scale caring!

House Party

Winners announced next week!

20:20 Chris announces his Free Agency

21:06 Upocoming Event Watch: ETC Conference in Feb. and College Goal Sunday on Jan 31, eSDc

23:07 Question of the Week: What Twitter Tools have you found useful?

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