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About Google Intelligence, Foursquare, and Great Marketing Books! All this and more…

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00:30 Google Watch – Blogs in Google Local, Virtual Billboards, Event Tracking, optimizing lead forms, Intelligence Beta

08:04 Paul asks what we think about Foursquare – Awards as Variable Ratio Positive Reinforcement, Privacy Questions

13:50 Chris asks if you had 10 sites that would give you links would you opt for long tail or big hit?

14:54 Newsletter 4 dropped – go buy some books, will you?

16:30 Next week’s show will be out early on Monday – we have a big surprise for you. Marketing Over Coffee Award Nominees – Vince is surprised we’re asking people to chip in. Go Amver!

19:08 Upocoming Event Watch: WordCamp Boston, Profs Boston in May, ETC Conference in Feb. and College Goal Sunday on Jan 31, eSDc, Free Agent Update

21:03 Check out the virtual phone system designed for entrepreneurs

22:25 Question of the Week: How much of Google Analytics are you actually using? What percentage?

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