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About SEO that works, Troll Patrol, and the Apple iPad! All this and more…

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Show length 25:09

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00:47 What really works in SEO – survey on what really works

06:02 SocialMedia Breakfast / LaunchCamp – the punchline is: Win Customers

08:30 Engadget closes comments – when will anonymous trolls be stamped out?

11:54 Results from Wordcamp Boston – WordPress MU code merge, massive scaling of wordpress, WP-supercache

14:50 Jeff from Return Path – Almost 20% of Commercial, Permissioned Emails Never Reached U.S. & Canadian Consumer Inboxes in the Second Half of 2009

16:10 Hardware update – iPad and Eric Schwartzman on the Nexus One not working with Sprint or Verizon

19:30 Tim Street asks why the MOC awards aren’t a coffee mug.

20:45 Question of the Week: What should the Marketing Over Coffee Awards be?

21:19 Chris Lands!

22:57 Upocoming Event Watch: Profs Boston in May

23:28 2nd Edition of the New Rules of Marketing and PR is now out! Has it really been since 2006?

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