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About Google Buzz, Facebook Project Titan, and the Marketing Over Coffee Award Winners! All this and more…

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00:46 Google Buzz including GeoTargeting, Facebook Project Titan

06:50 Another Chris asks: are there any specific shows that you’ve done in
the past that really focused on email marketing-best practices, common
mistakes, etc?

07:50 Michael asks: Assuming you have a fixed budget both people and program dollars. As one is ramping up social media where are the best place to cut? Salesforce reporting and juicing it up with iNetSoft.

11:42 From our friend Anon. say you are domain squatting and you want google juice for the URL, and still redirect to your regular homepage..

13:00 MOC Winners: with extra link love to Mike Maddaloni of the The Hot Iron for our super slick production. Listeners overwhealmingly vote for mugs as trophies.

The 2009 Marketing Over Coffee Award Winners:

Your Booth is Dead and So is Your Sponsorship


Musician Matthew Ebel

Manic Mommies Escape!

Tim Street of FrenchMaidTV among other things

Automate Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System (Amver),

15:39 Upocoming Event Watch: Profs Boston in May, Free 15 day virtual PBX trial at Toll Free Freedom

16:17 Question of the Week: What are you going to do with Google Buzz?

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