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About Cloaking Scam, Promoted Tweets, Show Follow Up! All this and more…

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02:50 Fighting the Hack – WordPress blogs under attack by cloaking scam

06:22 Twitter Ads are here!

08:10 Why are you at the show? Follow up feedback from Traci, TED talk – the first follower

13:40 Running the show outside the show

17:45 Dave Delaney asks about Podzinger, which is now called RAMP

20:41 Set up your Google Webmaster Tools

22:05 Home Base Update – Shirts coming from Custom Planet, get yours now. Just sponsor John in his fund raising efforts for the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program. Donate $250 or more and get a free mug, donate $2,000, be a Q3 sponsor.

23:20 Question of the Week –Are you using Twitter ads?

23:48 Upocoming Event Watch: Profs Boston in May, The Last M Show, Chris at Social Fresh St. Louis soon.

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