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A special conversation with Jeffrey Bussgang of Flybridge. We talk about his book “Mastering the VC Game

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Show length 26:37

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00:48 What’s the big idea?

01:46 VC Roles – General Partners, Principals, Associates, EIR, Limited Partners. Who’s Who?

02:27 Vertical Experts vs. Stage Experts

03:48 Keep in mind the size of the deal that the VC can handle

04:30 All about the people

05:23 The 3 Classic Plots of Startups

06:47 Term sheets, asymmetry of information and “The Carry”

10:20 The economics and control of Term Sheets

15:00 The 4 things you get from your VC

16:48 Exits – IPOs? IPOs outside the US?

18:40 The impact of Venture Capital on the U.S. economy

20:12 The Progressive Business Leaders Network

21:20 What’s happening in China and Vietnam in VC

22:26 Why the book is not available on Kindle (Note: This has been rectified since the interview was recorded)

24:33 Proceeds of the book go to Endeavor, get the book here.

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