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About Twitter Places, Optimized Landing Pages, Tool List! All this and more…

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00:45 LG asks about Google Wave – does it have any use?

02:51 Mike McAllen asks: is social media use really worth it?

04:00 Google Caffiene, Matt Cutts – One Page Per Store , Google Places (formerly Google Local Business Center), and now Twitter Places

05:22 Twitpocalypse is coming

06:34 Inbound twitter – Mickey asks about Landing Page Optimization, use Google Website Optimizer

11:30 Tool List! iPad Apps and other tools: Air Display (go multiple monitors) Bloomberg, Skype, News Rack, Dragon Dictation, Press Reader, TweetDeck, Analytics HD, Weather Channel, WordPress, GotoMeeting, Epicurious, Good Reader. Audio – Fiio external Amp. Photography – Macro Lenses

17:50 Chris’ iPad Wallpaper campaign

19:22 Michael asks about the new closing music. – Justine Harris – the original BizTart, is MIA

20:24 The Ukranian Cab is done, we are on to Helen’s Clothes Shop in Nigeria

21:10 My Sister pitching a series to Oprah

21:38 Check out the Marketing Over Coffee iPhone App! Bonus Content…. maybe…

22:30 Question of the Week – What Apps do you recommend?

23:33 Upcoming Events – Seth Godin in Boston, June 17th. Online Marketing Summit Events Boston July 7, NYC July 9, Inbound Marketing Summit Passes Coming Soon, BlogWorld and New Media Expo Discounted Rates , Big Man XV!

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