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About Infographics, Twitter, Duplicate Content, Twitter! All this and more…

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02:05 Neville sends link on A/B Testing

03:44 Twitter for

06:04 Glen asks about duplicate content risk for his syndicated travel blog.

09:20 Follow up on Dave Delaney and  Griffin A-FrameJohn goes with The Loop. App watch – Flipboard, Reeder, Shrek Karting, Newsrack, Cat Piano

11:30 From the web – Webmaster tools tells you about missing pages, Inline media coming from Twitter, Infographics!

12:29 Marketing Over Coffee LinkedIn Group Jen is glad people get kicked out, and maybe a book is a good idea.

16:03 Adobe CS5, impossibly good, is it magic? It can bend spoons.

18:50 Kindle Books pass paper, mobile purchase over $1B

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