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About tracking Twitter traffic, Google Sitemaps, and Gmail Priority Inbox! All this and more…

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01:50 Questions from the Marketing Over Coffee LinkedIn Group! Everything from Ethics to XML, check out the Job board too.

01:54 How to track inbound links from Twitter

03:33 Should you use a Gmail account when setting up a client with a social media account?

08:25 Everett looking for feedback on XML for a Google Sitemap

09:56 Rewind – What are Google Sitemaps anyway?

11:20 Gmail Priority Inbox debut, and Multiple Inboxes in Gmail Labs

15:36 Apple event prognostication -we are right on iPods and Apple TV

18:25 Game Mechanics Playdeck

20:48 Upcoming Events – SxSW still panel pimping, Inbound Marketing Summit Passes raffled to newsletter subscribers on Labor Day. BlogWorld and New Media Expo Discounted Rates

20:57 Question of the Week – Any Game Mechanics that work for you (see TED talk)? And, why haven’t you bought the MOC app from iTunes yet? Or The Marketing Over Coffee T-Shirt (and limited edition BeantownVersion)

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