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About Shopping Cart Abandonment, Nexus S vs. iPhone, iPad Apps! All this and more…

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00:50 Be lazy and do you Top 10 Yearly Reviews, Gift Ideas and other lame stuff

02:20 In the Marketing Over Coffee LinkedIn Group Doug has offered to compile the daily use apps, John asks about Shopping Cart Abandonment and Google Analytics Event Tracking

05:22 Tim asks about changing addresses for a business in Google Places, John asks about Klout Score Tools, Danny asks about Facebook Poster

07:12 John’s Frankenphone is on its last legs, when will we see a CDMA iPhone? Where should he go after Palm Desktop? Nexus S and the Cloud?

12:30 Voicemail – Daniel Johnson Jr. asks about slideshare

15:44 What should you use to schedule tweets?

16:46 Mitch talks about great iPad apps, I can vouch for nightstand and lifelike clock, iThoughts HD, Kindle, and thumbs up for the Angry Birds Advent Calendar. Chris can’t live without Evernote, likes Mobile RSS, and Flipboard

21:30 What was your biggest paradigm shift?

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25:25 John’s Holiday Advice: Krinner’s Christmas Tree Stand and Sherlock from the BBC

27:50 Question of the Week –What are you doing about shopping cart abandonment, and why haven’t you nominated anyone for a Marketing Over Coffee award? And, why haven’t you bought the MOC app from iTunes yet? Or The Marketing Over Coffee T-Shirt (and limited edition Beantown Version)

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