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About The Superbowl, Near Field Communications, WordPress plugins you can’t live without! All this and more…

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01:02 Near Field Communications will be here soon

02:02 Superbowl Ads: Darth Passat (and Outtakes), Profs Measures the Buzz

02:54 Chicago Mike asks about Groupon and holds the first MoC listening event!

03:39 Kenneth Cole sets its brand aflame, Scott Monty makes the call

05:38 Doritos, Android Thumbs? Jaffe Round Up

06:37 Daniel asks about WordPress plugins you can’t live without

09:57 Matt asks how you measure social media success – setting up Goals in Google Analytics

11:53 Another Matt finds KFC QR Codes in the wild

12:37 Martin asks how to get a publisher to pay attention to you – check out past interview with David Meerman Scott

15:27 Katie asks about good social media conferences in the US – our conference in a box is the best

17:40 Michael asks about Marketing to Restaurant Owners and Operators

24:10 Wizard Magazine Folds

24:20 Upcoming Events – The 25th Annual MOC Awards! Time to vote for the Marketing Over Coffee Awards! has stepped up to sponsor the awards. Chris at SocialFresh Tampa

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