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About The 2011 Marketing Over Coffee Awards Honorees, Tweets for SEO impact, and Great Linkbait Campaigns! All this and more…

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00:45 Why haven’t you called the comment line?

01:03 Sean Z. offers a case study on the challenges of selling into foodservice

02:02 Individual Tweets generating SEO Impact

04:03 Marketing VOX – Too many posts can lead to Facebook “Unlikes” but in a related story “Unlikes” are not an idicator of willingness to purchase

06:15 From the LinkedIn Group – How to run a focus group – Gibson Marketing, Brand Savant, Evernote

12:52 WSJ reporting Smaller, Cheaper iPhones and an update and switch to free for Mobile Me.

13:45 doing some site cleanup with website grader

14:04 Past show on promoting events, Matt Cutts in the New York Times on Content Farms, Great link bait campaign idea from Daily Blogger

17:25 The 25th Annual MOC Awards winners are:

Best Book – Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why

Best Campaign – Alure Home Improvements

Best Marketer – Ryan Holota

Best Product – Toll Free Freedom Virtual Phone System

Best Publication – Ann Handley, MarketingProfs

Best Campaign to Win a Marketing Over Coffee Award – Quintal and Donnelly’s “The Book on Social Media Marketing”

Entrepreneur of the Year – C.C. Chapman

Smartest Man in the World – Saul Colt

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21:05 Green Lantern Action Figures, Marketing Over Coffee Action Figures

23:16 Upcoming Events – Chris in Providence for the ETC Show, then SocialFresh Tampa

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