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Learn all about the Value of PR, Timeboxing QR Codes, Edgerank!

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Show length 26:38

01:48 Nathan asks about the ROI of PR – AVE, Custom URLs, Primary Research. Wal-mart TV

07:03 Google Analytics real time dashboard

07:55 Timeboxing QR Codes

09:13 Kindle Fire Update

11:02 MoC Quarterly Report!

12:25 Improving your ranking in Facebook – Edgerank, WebTrends study on what generates action in Facebook

15:29 The value of back catalog in eBooks, Julien Smith‘s The Flinch

17:01 Roger Courville’s The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook, Blue Snowball and Logitech Headsets

20:40 Taking a break from foul language, John vs. Chris bench press challenge

23:20 Upcoming Events: 2012 Event Planning

25:33 Question of the Week: Do you assign a monetary component to PR?

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