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A Special Interview with Author Mike Proulx about his new book Social TV!

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Show length 28:17

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01:33 What is Social TV all about

02:40 Live TV and the Back Channel

05:05 Jumpstarting a Twitter Wave early in a program

06:47 Choice, Non-Choice and Social Impressions

09:22 TV Check-In – Miso, Get Glue, Philo, Shazam and more

12:12 Convergence of Tablets as Second Screen, Custom Content and the Back Channel

15:22 How does the industry try to measure “on demand, everywhere” TV

17:58 Audience Addressability

20:16 The spectrum of bridge content

22:50 What are the implications of TV Everywhere

25:18 Extending beyond the book with Web and QR Codes

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