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Learn all about Instagram, the Titanic and CISPA!

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00:25  Instagram for $1 Billion DollarsCommentary from Don Dodge

04:30 Absurdly awesome, SEOGadget’s Content Generator tool:

06:12 Twitter and the Titanic yesterday, April Fool’s

08:35 Gavin Llewelyn on Twitter: What inbound tactics would we recommend for a small B2C shop like a cupcake shop?

13:20 Twitter suing tool companies for spam bots

15:00 The power of Amazon

16:08 Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)

16:50 What’s your blogging process?

21:30 Road Wrap up: John at Sales 2.0 San Francisco – sound marketing from Matt Heinz, Blogworld New York, ProductCamp Boston June 9

25:24 Question of the Week: Did Facebook pay too much?

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