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Learn all about Penguins, Pandas and Jerks!

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00:28 New York Times for Flipboard, Google + too

01:48 Google Penguin and Panda updates, and something else from Google’s I/O conference

03:43 Darryl mentions that many audio players allow you to switch to mono under accessability, geeking out on audio

07:30 Forced migration to your Facebook Email

10:08 The Edison Research 2012 Smartphone Study, spell your name the right way.

13:02 How to become a Google Power Searcher

13:55 From the LinkedIn group: Alan asks about how to take advantage of 5 Star reviews on Amazon

15:20 Neville asks “Are we truly just digital?” – This week: Partnerships

22:22 Return of the personal email

23:45 Road Wrap up: Chris off to EduWeb and plenty of webinars

27:00 Question of the Week: Have you switched back your Facebook email?

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