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A special interview with Scott Monty of Ford!

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Show length 23:55

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The Kelly Letter: Jason Kelly’s Sunday morning stock market report. A witty recap of the week – with price targets.

00:18 Scott in Boston!

01:32 Gymkhana Insanity

03:47 Chris asks: How do you link social media to sales?

06:48 GM backing out of Facebook

08:12 The 2012 Ford Fusion vs. Accord and Camry – Random Acts of Fusion

11:48 Rypple Deal Valuation Correction 60M ish not over 1B. Is Gamification BS?

12:43 Marissa Mayer goes to Yahoo

15:08 Quality score takes device type into accont

16:22 After 16 years, the end of MSNBC

17:54 Minority Report Interface on Horizon

18:26 Road Wrap up: Dreamforce! Podcamp East, B2BCamp

21:45 Infographics!

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