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Learn all about Facebook Ad Targeting, Buying Hashtags, and MoC at Dreamforce!

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The Kelly Letter: Jason Kelly’s Sunday morning stock market report. A witty recap of the week – with price targets.

00:32 Larry Ellison missing out? Fast Company – Not using Twitter costing you $13 Trillion (written by author of HootSuite)? Steven Pressfield says otherwise.

02:35 Facebook Ad Targeting and Twitter Ad Targeting.

07:04 Buying the #failingagenda

09:37 Did we mention Dreamforce is coming? Registering for a free Dreamforce Keynote & Expo pass at In addition to MOC, get access to keynotes by Marc Benioff, Sir Richard Branson, Colin Powell, Tony Robbins, Dean Ornish, and Larry Brilliant at Dreamforce from Sept. 18-21.  If you can’t attend in person, register to see MOC and more live on the Web at

11:45 From the LinkedIn group: Marketing to a Google Map Area, Yelp good for local restaurants

16:14 Adam from Melbourne asks about podcasting: Check out the Shownotes for tools

19:30 Absurd Media Editing

21:57 Road Wrap up: Marketing Over Coffee Live At Dreamforce! Podcamp East, B2BCamp, GameSym

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