Worst Picture Ever

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01:11 Dreamforce Wrap Up – Check out MoC as part of Salesforce LIVE in HD!

03:02 MarketingProfs B2B Wrap Up

07:49 Tim Washer Video

07:53 Panda update crushes exact match domains

10:00 From Twitter: Ellen asks about tools for photo and video contests

12:49 KitchenAide Twitter Issue Handled Rapidly

11:03 Gartner says two F500 brands will fall from fake soc net reviews

13:47 Remarketing, Remessaging, RetargetingFacebook FBX

16:04 The Kred Leaderboard

18:01 James Bond – Bottled, not canned. reminds John on “Trust me I’m lying – Confessions of A Media Manipulator” by Ryan Holiday

20:38 LinkedIn Endorsements

21:40 Upcoming Events – Cloudforce NY

22:09 Slavik from GoPromos.com, DJ Waldow, Michael from RealPage

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  1. Hey John and Chris – appreciated the discussion regarding Baratunde’s keynote. If half of the folks didn’t get the reason his topic applied to business, we have some education to do. Thanks also for the Onion mention.

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