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00:10 Ghetto studio and Donut man kills my internet

01:14 ExactTarget Acquisition of Pardot and iGoDigital

03:15 Hootsuite integration with WebTrends

05:16 MarketingVox on CheetahMail integration with Facebook and Retargeting, Facebook Studio

06:50 Link building for local business

08:32 Award Season! We won’t make you Like us on Facebook and install our crappy app to nominate!

10:35 CinePrint – Animating Magazine Page Ads, Entertainment Weekly ads video and tweet stream to magazine.

11:50 Google Analytics social media monitoring

14:05 Marketo – win a trip to Dreamforce 2013 campaign

14:43 Daniel commented on Dreamforce Chatter: it’d be great if you can go over topics on campaign management in salesforce and measuring campaign ROI based on campaign influence. It’d be also great to hear more about managing leads between inside sales and marketing as well.

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16:15 From the LinkedIn Group: Is Feedburner Closing? Thor asks about using URL shorteners?

22:02 Upcoming Events – Cloudforce NY

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