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A special interview with author Justin Mares, author of Traction!

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Go back to the first interview with Gabriel, and here’s the 2nd interview with even more traction!

Failure and Success in college ventures

Exceptional ultimately acquired by Rackspace

Kettle and Fire – Bone broth product

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Why write a book about starting a business when you can just start a business?

Fomo (formerly Notify) to create a community experience on the webpage

Instant boost of 30%

Going from 2 to 7 percent is not as great as it seems if you are still making 93% angry

We’ve been using Affinio to analyze the MoC audience and this week’s Affinio insight is: the MoC audience has been very interested in artificial intelligence but you’re also very interested in the Internet of Things. Knowing this we’d like to do an episode on IoT just like the AI episode and we’d love to hear from you – if you’ve seen anything interesting, or work for or with an IoT vendor that would like to talk about this space tell me over on twitter johnjwall and tag Affinio so we can thank them for their support of the show. We’ll be talking a lot more about how we’re analyzing the data set, but to learn more now visit!

Content Shock, the unprecedented Facebook advertising opportunity

Medium Article: Getting Traction for Traction

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