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Learn about Google Suite, Monage and Clowns!

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Chris covers all the updates to Google Products: Tag Manager, Analytics, AdWords, Optimize, Sheets, Big Query and Data Studio

I got an invite for Google Optimize, 20 new integrations in Tag Manager. The End of Penguin!, Google AMP Update

We want to thank Freshbooks for their support of MoC, if you dread that day of the week where you need to get the invoices out and the receipts in, you need to check out the all new Freshbooks. Take the pain out of your accounting and finally be able to see how you are doing every month. Check out to learn more!

Monage – Messaging! ChatBots! AI!

We’ve been using Affinio to analyze the MoC audience and this week’s Affinio insight is on mobile: I pointed Affinio over at the Monage space and found some interesting things: Google Allo is gaining traction from technology segement, but not from digital marketers. A clear divide from the tech and digital marketing segements. We easily identified the Spam Segement, and relevant publications – like the Economist!! To learn more about how we’re analyzing the data set visit!

IoT is the next generation BotNet

Advertising Week and Dreamforce (Einstein!), Digital Masterminds. It’s busy.

Apple Search ads to drive paid Apps to the top of the store

LinkedIn Open Candidates Function and other upgrades

Mautic Update – with Bitnami

McDonald’s scaling back on Ronald

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