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Learn about Spectacle, Frame Rates and the Vomitmobile!

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Tim Street, Vice President at Authentic, prior to that Vice President of Influence at Podtrac

We last talked with him about French Maid TV

Last year Tim Connected us with Ted Shilowitz who told us about the future of cinema

IAB and the Podcasting Upfronts

Cracking the Million a Month Barrier

Spectacle before Story

We want to thank Freshbooks for their support of MoC, if you dread that day of the week where you need to get the invoices out and the receipts in, you need to check out the all new Freshbooks. Take the pain out of your accounting and finally be able to see how you are doing every month. Check out to learn more!

What’s going on with Apple and why does Tim destroy so many earbuds?

Panoramic Cinema Update

Riding the vomitmobile

VR still tough to produce "The VHS of VR Era"

This week’s Affinio insight is on VR: Simulator sickness is a thing! The VR community skews 70% male and 30-44 years old. The only time to catch this audience is Saturday Night! To learn more about how we’re analyzing the data visit!

Podcasting over Video?

Begleyesque! – Link coming soon

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