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The Bitly Enterprise platform – track and engage over all channels and devices. 2B clicks a month across all channels

Tracking not only your own content shares but when your content is shared by others

Tie into other packages such as Marketo and more.

This week’s Affinio insight validates Bitly: Digital Marketers who use Bitly include Hubspot, Klout, Moz, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Buffer, Foursquare, Evernote, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud in their technology stack. To learn more about how we’re analyzing the data visit!

Getting 10MM sessions a month

Using Infer for Lead Scoring, 10,000 leads a month, 4-7k free users a day.

Applying ABM

We want to thank Freshbooks for their support of MoC, if you dread that day of the week where you need to get the invoices out and the receipts in, you need to check out the all new Freshbooks. Take the pain out of your accounting and finally be able to see how you are doing every month. Check out to learn more!

Using Ringlead

Looking at Optimizely, Demandbase

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