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Chris fills us in on the latest developments in AI from IBM’s World of Watson

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Chris back from World of Watson

Watson Comparing a Human Genome against 200k Journals in 10 minutes

Watson learns perfectly from its mistakes

We’ve been using Affinio to analyze the MoC audience and this week’s Affinio insight is on World of Watson: we looked into the social stream generated by World of Watson, and were easily able to spot Medical as a key vertical at event, identify key influencers in this segement, media like HITN (Healtcare IT News) and even similar events like HIMSS and TEDMED. To learn more about how we’re analyzing the data set visit!

Watson the musician

Adobe Audition voice training library

It’s all about data scientists

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Wiping out repetative tasks with the lettuce picking robot – more on a Japanese Indoor Lettuce Farm

Rethinking what it means to be human in the face of massive income inequality

Why learning to code is not the answer

Three AI Security Showdown

Bias in AI

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