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Bill Green, Angela Natividad and Darryl Ohrt stop by to tell us about their book Generation Creation

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Angela links: eSports focused agency called Hurrah, AdWeek

Where did the book come from?

How do creatives dress and how do the sell?

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Chemistry vs. Culture

Trusted, protected and respected

Diversity can be uncomfortable

Big versus Small Agencies

What makes a great creative director?

Angela can’t work at Starbucks

This week’s Affinio insight is on eSports: When Angela mentioned eSports I thought that would be a great topic to talk with Affinio about and their reports did not disappoint. It’s one of the most “cultural” topics they analyze – although it’s classified as eSports there are massive cultural divides based on games, teams and other segments. The major insight here is that the data clusters do not overlap – you can’t just “market to eSports” you need to dig deeper and identify who you want to talk to and get to know their culture. And another interesting point they told me when I brought this up- millenials are another market that’s highly polarized. For more on eSports by Affinio click here, To learn more about how analyze the data set visit

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