In this Marketing Over Coffee:
A Special Interview with Thomas Barta and his book The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader

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How do we make marketers more influential?

Marketing is all about the future

Bridging the trust gap, power gap, and skills gap

The 12 Powers

  • Mobilize your Boss – Big Issues, Deliver returns, Work only with the best
  • Mobilize Colleagues – Hit Head and Heart, Walk the Halls, Go First
  • Mobilize Team – Get the mix right, Cover them in Trust, Let the Outcome Speak
  • Mobilize Yourself – Fall in Love with Your World, Know how You Inspire, Aim Higher

Mastering Digital Tools – Zooming in and Zooming out

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The Value Creation Zone (V-Zone)

71% of CMOs said their business impact was high but just 44% satisfied with their career path. Their bosses rated them last in career success.

Let the outcomes speak – Let other departments evaluate your staff

Event Managers – For Badging, Lead Retrieval and Multi-Session Tracking check out EventHero.

What’s the toughest thing for every marketer to do?

McKinsey estimates that by 2018 the US alone will be short 190k people with data analysis skills

How inspirational are you?

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