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Learn more about an Executive and Agency that works in multi-cultural marketing in both the entertainment and food and beverage verticals, among others.

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BARU Marketing + Media is hitting its 10th anniversary this year, as a female owned and minority owned business, succeeding in not one but two industries that have been male-dominated historically: entertainment and advertising.  

So where did this all begin?

When do clients realize they need to get multi-cultural?

Are most campaigns reworking of existing campaigns or original material?

What’s the state of multi-cultural for the entertainment industry?

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Adapting both language and the appearance of the principals in the campaign are the simple first steps, what else goes into making something culturally relevant?

Counseling on effective ad placement

How does gender fit into this?

What channels do you cover?

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Why ATTUNE Consulting was built

What’s on the radar for the next year?

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