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In this episode we talk Revenue Stacks, ABM, BANT and more!

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Trish – President and Chief Strategist of The Bridge Group, and author of The Sales Development Playbook

Greg – President of CloudKettle

Adwords, Facebook Twitter, Google Analytics Data Warehouse, Salesforce, Marketo

BANT Showdown

Using data enrichment to improve the odds

“Dude, you’re BANTing me.”

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Times where BANT does work

Competing against Excel

Should the SDR team answer to Sales or Marketing?

Account Based Marketing versus Account Based Revenue

The Ultimate ABM Bandwagon

Inbound vs. Outbound

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The Four Horsemen of Revenue

Conversational Intelligence –, Execvision and

BigQuery and Red Shift for Big Data Analysis

Trish’s book is The Sales Development Playbook

Also previously on MoC check out: Lightning Sales Ops

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