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Learn about Cultural Profiles, Types, Cross Cultural Negotiations and more!

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Michael Gates is the Vice Chairman of Richard Lewis Communications

CrossCulture and The Communications Around The World Diagram (27 released, 105 internally!)

The hazards of negotiating in Finland

Personal cultural profiles vs. National cultural profiles

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How much variation in a single country? Looking at Japan vs. U.S.

The three cultural types: Linear, Multi-Active, and Reactive

Getting 7% out of the French

Staging a blowout for a breakthrough

How to earn the trust of an American

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Is the globe becoming homogenized?

Gamification for education

The Neuroscience of cross cultural negotiation

Getting down with the Hygge and Jugaad (Please note I did not take the easy shot of “Gettin’ Hygge with it”)

Why John’s portfolio is always missing India

The problem of behaving in the wrong gear

Who’s on the way up? Who’s on the way down?

Looking at Brexit from a cross cultural standpoint

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