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Author Julian Treasure talks sound, listening and being heard

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The book is How To Be Heard

Link to his TED Talks

The 4 effects of sound on human beings

Starting with music, headphones and vinyl

Protecting your hearing by getting the best headphones you can afford

Headphones of choice: Audeze LCD-XC, Sennheiser MM450 X (for some reason the 450 is not currently available at Amazon, maybe that’s just the U.S., check out the 550)

Saatchi and then IDG to his own company

Do brands think about how they sound?

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Getting the sound right for the space and matching the brand

Ambient texture sound

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The curse of open plan – use MBA to avoid noise

Unwanted conversation is the most unwanted noise of all

Effective listening

In Pursuit of Silence

RASA – Receive, Appreciate, Summarize, Ask


White Collar Sodcasting

The arrival of the audio internet

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