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Learn about Instagram Likes, Hacking Smart Speakers, Mining HARO, and more!

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Instagram dropping likes, what’s the angle?

Jimmy Wales new social network, Scott Galloway teeing off on Facebook

Brand Organic reach is extinct

Invest in your own platform

6:21 – 8:03 Give Intuit QuickBooks a try! Learn more about smarter business tools at Intuit.ME/MOC

Mining HARO

Disney + some outagages but everybody loves The Mandalorian, we are big on Crisis on Infinite Earths

13:07 Intercom will help you give your customers the one thing they’re looking for. Website messenger, conversational bots and guided tours inside your product. Visit to see everything else Intercom can do!

Alexa outselling Google Smart Speakers. Where’s Alexa heading?

Chris gets the new AirPod Pros!

Hacking Smart Speakers with Laser Pointers

Colin’s Blogging SEO Tips

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