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We’re on Summer Break but Christopher Lochhead offered to share his interview with Rick Bennett!

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Marketing that causes emergency board meetings and CEO firings at my competitors

He tests 20 ideas a day on Facebook

“What I do is not politically correct, it’s tough to find CEOs who have the guts to do what I do…. Ads that attack like speed crazed wolverines”

Ellison’s Law: You’re not allowed to say anything that one of your competitors could say.

Demoralize the generals, inspire your investors, employees are motivated, customers know they have a winner, your sales force is confident

God Hates Cowards

Learning the most from your losses is not entirely true

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“Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department”

Where startups go to die

42:24 "None of that exists, not a fuckin’ none of it"

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Chateau de Neuf Super Ding Dong

Marc Benioff is Larry with a conscience

11 Point Google Analytics Checklist – Get Checked!

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