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Learn about Data Clustering, Search Console Beta, Retargeting, and more!

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Data Clustering – Attack/Defend, search clusters

Feature Selection / Dimension Reduction

New Search Console Insights (closed) Beta

  1. Best content
  2. How’s new content doing
  3. How do people discover your content
  4. Your top and trending queries in Google Search
  5. What other sites link to your articles and content

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TI Free Course – Optimizing your LinkedIn profile

Having an SEO QA Process


Twitter API v2

Microsoft or Oracle to buy TicTok?

Instagram Reels

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Small businesses can charge for online events via FB Pages (Apple still takes their cut)

Great Hubspot Article on Retargeting

Just Eat (Merger with GrubHub in June when Uber deal failed) wants to leave the Gig Economy Behind

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