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We put a bow on this year and kick it to the curb.

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What’s the deal with this year?

Smart people working together like never before, but we didn’t start the fire.

Separating innumeracy from those who can handle data

10:03 With Upfluence, marketers can triple the number of influencers they work with and run campaigns in half the time. From finding influencers and contacting them, to keeping track of collaborations and measuring results, Upfluence really covers all your bases.

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Rise of the QR code and one touch restaurant reorder

The 12 Days of Data

Laugh, Learn, and Love

16:20 Blueshift is making it easier than ever for marketers to use AI themselves to grow their business.

Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP uses patented AI to drive timely, relevant experiences across every channel, all while saving marketers significant time and driving incredible results.

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Santa, bring us the gear!

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The StephenKingVerse

WoW w Diablo? And Apple One

Run the Scenarios

Trust Insights GA4 Prep

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