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In this episode learn about FB Conversions, Acquiring Influencers, Golden Tickets and more!

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You need the FB conversions API working

Server side tagging is not easy, but it will probably be the only way it will work

Why is plagarized material doing better? Because your site stinks. John Meuller’s Google Webmaster Updates on YouTube

7:10 Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP delivers personalized, omnichannel experiences that improve customer engagement and drive meaningful results, all while saving marketers significant time and driving incredible results. Blueshift is offering their Guide to a Successful CDP RFP to MoC Listeners for free at

Vungle acquiring JetFuel. JetFuel w a combined reach of 4 billion Instagram followers

http status codes

15:06 You and your team have helped your company reach 7 to 8 figures of revenue… If you haven’t fully optimized your website for conversions, you are probably leaving money on the table. That’s why you need to join companies like Clorox, Burt’s Bees, Dr. Axe, Magnolia, and Clickfunnels, and use Conversion Fanatics. They can test anything:

A/B testing different website headlines, calls to action, FAQs, etc.
The ideal number of fields on your intake forms
Mobile vs. desktop optimization

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JW Playing with NFC and getting the Golden Ticket butter dish

Chris scores on a 2TB HDD for $160 on Prime Day (sorry, I just looked, it’s back up over $300)

John at Multi-Family Social in Napa and Friday in San Francisco

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