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In this episode learn about Responsive Search Ads, TikTok, AMP and more!

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Nvidia Gaugin 2, letting the computer draw based on your text

TikTok – on track for 1.5 Billion Users

6:33 Experience what your customers experience with UserTesting. The UserTesting Human Insight Platform lets you understand it all from their perspective. And it allows you to target your exact audience, ask any question or request to perform tasks, and, most valuably, get a window into their world.

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Responsive Search Ads will be the standard and are too complicated to do as a one off + Smart Bidding, Broad Match

Insider – Cities are not dead but Suburbs and Rural are also hot

14:32 We’ve got a special offer for Marketing over Coffee Listeners, you can redeem a free $100 LinkedIn ad credit for your first campaign: Click here to get a $100 for your first campaign!

Talking about The Great Resignation

Twitter Blue

Turning AMP off – LinkedIn and Twitter no longer prioritizing AMP

John can’t live without The Wirecutter

Quantum Computing Update – October 2019 54 superconducting quantum bits (qubits)

New Macs! New Phones! …. maybe

12 Days of Data coming soon!

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