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In this episode learn about email analysis, the GOOD Framework, New Gear, and more!

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RFM Analysis of Email

Why most email campaigns are only 25-50% effective

6:48 – 7:48 Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP delivers personalized, omnichannel experiences that improve customer engagement and drive meaningful results, all while saving marketers significant time and driving incredible results. Blueshift is offering their Guide to a Successful CDP RFP to MoC Listeners for free at

Trust Insights Livestream on Email Hygiene

Annual goals with the GOOD framework from Quantum Workplace on the personal side including: Relationships, Finances, Spiritual Life, Health, Self Expression

My Mindmap

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Meta no longer allowing targeting of these classes

14:07 – 14:47 Terminus – the marketing platform for efficient revenue growth. Terminus is changing the way marketing and sales teams work together, helping them achieve amazing results like 313% ROI, 60% more meetings booked, and a 40% decrease in acquisition costs. The platform puts crucial customer data in the hands of all revenue teams so they can target, win, and retain their most important accounts. Learn more at

Thinking of where you are in the funnel for display ads

Chris on the Adobe Workflow (Premiere, Audition, Photoshop)

John takes all the phones on the family plan to a new carrier

New Mic for Chris from Anker

Aftershokz with boom mic

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