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In this episode the Founder and CEO of Plannuh

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Peter’s book: The Next CMO

Tieing Finance, Budget and CRM together for results

Starting at Nuance

Stealing the big idea from Mint for Marketing Operations

Building first version then taking VC – Glasswing and Gradient Ventures

7:34 – 8:37 Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP delivers personalized, omnichannel experiences that improve customer engagement and drive meaningful results, all while saving marketers significant time and driving incredible results. Blueshift is offering their Guide to a Successful CDP RFP to MoC Listeners for free at

Starting with the book

16:02 The Most Successful Marketers…

Budget owners vs. Spenders

Visibility, Agility, and Improving ROI

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Making the switch to more strategic

Virtual has gone through a step change

Slack, Hubspot, Zoom, and Google Suite, the new standard virtual stack.

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Raising a mug for Rich Baker

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