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In this episode learn about Escape Games, Virtual Events, and more from Jonathan Murrell, co-founder and CMO of The Escape Game!

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Transitioning Escape Rooms to Virtual for Disney, Amazon, the San Francisco 49ers and more!

Catching the concept in Europe

What to do when covid shuts it all down?

How do things like interface and guides set it apart?

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From the Philipines to the US for college, and then playing tennis while starting Candy Galaxy as a Freshman!

Finding a co-founder and transitioning from one business to the other

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Transitioning the power of existing SEO to accelerate virtual

Consumers go back to real life, but the virtrual B2B market will not go away

Pioneering new hybrid experiences

Will VR Headsets be part of The Escape Game?

How do they market?

The YT video of the door in the workshop – working in a 20k sqr. foot shop

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