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Learn about the crucial link between Employee Experience, Customer Experience and Success

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The Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author is back with her latest book: The Experience Mindset

What’s happened since we talked to her last about Growth IQ (translated into 11 languages around the world!)

The owner of Customer Experience (CX) is the Employee, so improving Employee Experience (EX) is critical to success and growth

Losing staff and using inadequate tech has massive impact on EX

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Do you have to have product market fit locked at a startup before you can do EX initiatives?

You will reap the results of the good or bad habits you create at the start

Can the culture be changed?

How are other countries doing on CX and EX?

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Using a Customer Effort score to determine how you are doing in your vertical

Improving retention by taking action prior to turnover

What were some of the bright points taken from responding to the pandemic?

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