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Learn about how the CEO and Founder of gaming agency TripleClix is marketing in the category that dwarfs all others

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Starting at GameWorks

"Work on the things you want to work on"

Wizards of the Coast – Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, D&D

Riding the Pokemon rocket to $1B a month and 3rd Edition of Dungeons & Dragons

Getting recruited over to EA Madden

Bringing the theatrical moment to gaming

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Over to Legendary Pictures

9 years ago taking the leap to start the first gaming agency

Working with Xbox, Activision, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Duracell

Getting Doritos involved with Madden Covers

XBox and Porche, OPI – Gaming 52% Male 48% Female, Average age 31-32

220 million people watched a Disney movie last year, 230 million people logged into Fortnite last month

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What channels are the most active for gamers and where do the brands need to be?

Figuring out the value offering for the consumer

Where’s VR on the horizon?

The Gears of War / Diablo 4 connection – MetaCritic reviews are big. Don’t fear the four!


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