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Learn about Looker, Reverse ETL, The Flash and more!

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According to BuiltWith over 375k of the top 1M sites are still on UA

Looker Updates – 175 new metrics for your GA data

The Analytics for Marketers Slack Group

Automatic Ads are the future

Facebook Voicegen and Musicgen

6:52 The Mailworks – Get the high ROI only direct mail can deliver, work with a full service direct mail partner. With The Mailworks, hit mailboxes on time, manage every campaign, and track your results easily online. For MOC listeners: set up a free call with one of their experts

John will not be buying fireworks

Twitter announced $5M payout – you have to be verified and only ads served to verified users count

Composable CDPs and Reverse ETL

15:08 Miro – Your first three boards are free forever, just sign up at

Search EngineLand on Higher Education getting an F in SEO – 84% of marketing departments see SEO as a core part of their marketing strategy, but half (51%) do not have an established SEO strategy

Warrior Nun Update

Spiderman vs. The Flash

Avengers Infinity War is nobody’s favorite movie

John testing 4k Projectors

Why is my microphone stand a big deal on Twitter?

ahrefs on LCP

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