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Author Louis Gudema talks about marketing tactics and more importantly, how to prioritize them!

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The second edition of his book Bullseye Marketing: How to Grow Your B2B Business Faster is now available

Starting with writing and directing plays as part of what brought him to Boston

Working the Cabbage Patch Kids Account

Starting his own agence and then pivoting to Application Service Provider

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After the sale of the firm transitioning to CMO

Noticing the gap that has to be crossed with inbound marketing taking up to two years to spin up

Creating the bullseye – Customers, Intent, Awareness

Starting with your existing marketing assets

Aligning Sales and Marketing

Getting beyond awareness to mental availability

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Every company is different, sometimes you can great results fast, other industries you just can’t make it

B2B often forgets that small data is not statistically significant

Clicks don’t matter

Direct response marketing is either acted on immediately or forgotten forever. Great brand marketing lives forever.

You’ve got to go multi-channel as fast as you can

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